Bank of Baroda, Sydney branch is offering internet banking service to its customers via BOB website of Baroda holds a very strong commitment to protect the privacy of the Personal information of its customers, with a special reference to the information that is of confidential nature related to the internet banking services by using this website.

Though Bank of Baroda has taken all necessary steps to protect the confidentiality of the customer Information and its transmission through the internet banking portal but in case of any happenings, It shall not be held liable for any disclosure of the confidential information as already explained in Bank’s terms and conditions for the internet banking.
Bank of Baroda uses a 128-bit Secured Socket Layer encryption for the transmission of the Information through its website gateway, which is the highest permitted level of password Encryption knows till date so that the utmost level of information security could be provided to our Customer.

Customers are expected to co-operate with Bank in order to ensure the complete security of the information, and it is highly recommended that customers choose their passwords carefully so that no unauthorised access could be made to any third person. Bank of Baroda takes no responsibility for the incidents which could occur because of the mismanage of the passwords or revealing it to the third person both on purpose or accidentally by the customers. So passwords should be chosen in such a Way which should become very hard to crack and even guess for the family Members and close friends etc.

The practice like choosing a combination of Lower case and Upper case letters, characters and special characters etc. is extremely encouraged. Also the practice like noting down the passwords etc. on a piece of paper or the place where anyone can access it should be avoided. In other words, no written or any other method where passwords can be easily accessed, guessed or cracked is preferred.
Also very easy guessing passwords should not be created such as:

Passwords based on the names of parents, kids and spouse name.